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OneKey is the full service Internet marketing agency. We provide a full suite of services for our advertisers, including landing page design, custom development, and continuous campaign optimization.

5 years mobile advertising expirience

Internet is the fastest growing medium the world has ever seen and our team is geared to help getting the most out of Internet.

Conversion tracking & optimisation

We have promoting strategies and the ability to accurately and effectively track conversions lying at the heart of our campaigns.

Global reach

We work all over the world, collaborate with worldwide known networks and publishers and reach massive amounts of impressions per month.

Lead generation

The generated leads provide you with the maximum profit.

Best creatives

Top CTR banners, high quality landing pages, huge conversion copywriting.

Innovative technologies

We use our branded automatic optimization tools and introduce programmatic buying to that field.




Forward looking technology providers, innovative publishers and savvy marketers have been working for years to discover an effective solution to these problems: native advertising. Studies have shown that consumers tend to spend up to three times longer engaging with Native content than with a traditional advert. As it blends seamlessly with the browsing experience of the website, it’s not susceptible to the trends that traditional advertising is increasingly undermined by: the rise in ad block software, ineffectiveness on mobile platforms and consumers’ frustration with intrusiveness. 68% of web users would want an option to block a website from their search results if they deem it to have too many adverts. Using Native Advertising subverts this tendency and builds the credibility with the customers.